Contract Cleaners Supply

Over ten years ago, Contract Cleaners Supply asked for a new logo. What they received was a new brand identity. Since 1975, Contract Cleaners Supply has been supplying janitorial products to customers nationwide. Pip Squeeze Creative created something so iconic in her industry that it is seen on delivery trucks, private label products, posters in hospitals, blasted to over 2,500 customers and loved by a woman-owned, and dog driven business. Yes, the dogs are more iconic than anything. Come on in and pet them!

// Brand & Logo

As a established business since 1975, Contract Cleaners Supply came to Pip Squeeze Creative in need of a logo that could keep the rich history, woman-owned feel and work across a full line of business collateral.

Strategy & Results:
We worked with Contract Cleaners Supply to create a dynamic branding campaign that visually portrayed janitorial supplies in a new light. The simple mark was inspired by the flipped, double “C’s” and subtle S.

What We Did:
Color Palette
Logo Design

// Website Design

As a leader in janitorial cleaning products and supplies, Contract Cleaners Supply needed a website that served as a informational guide for staying healthy in the workplace across multiple industries and selling her products online. At the same time, this site needed to provide videos, how-to’s parts and machines for all things that needed cleaning.

Strategy & Results:
Pip Squeeze developed an engaging, informative and interactive experience that showcased the current products, educated consumers, updated on latest Ebola, EV-D68, Flu, etc. while highlighting janitorial trends. Pip also developed commerce site that sells over 80,000 items, Rewards website that provides points back to loyal customers.

What We Did
Web Design
Web Development

// In Print

From education posters to postcard campaigns, product catalogs, truck wraps to private label brochures, she named it; we created it. Pip Squeeze handled the design, photography, printing and delivery of all campaigns.

// Electronic Media

Contract Cleaners Supply needed a video library of how to’s, best in product, industry news, Pip Squeeze Creative categorized and manipulated youtube videos for her channel. Email campaigns continuously are delivered to healthcare, educational, retail, commercial cleaners, government, townships, casinos, etc. Online presentations on LEED Certified programs, green cleaning, OSHA standards, SDSs, etc. are prepared and delivered on demand.

// Technology Support

Contract Cleaners Supply needs additional technology support, including, Project Management of accounting systems, SQL, networks and general computer support. Yes, we like them so much that Pip Squeeze Creative even provides all things technical. Our staff has a diverse background.

// Social Media & Email

Building a social media prescence that is flare, humor and expertise… Who doesn’t remember #winefail or #doggyurine for carpet problems? Email campaigns to customers in a mindful way that builds trust and customers want to read!

Contract Cleaners Supply

Contract Cleaners Supply, Inc.
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