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// Houzz yields big results.

When Houzz came on the scene two years or so ago, I immediately pushed it on a few of my kitchen remodeling clients, landscape architects and interior designers. My goal was to continue opening marketing channels for my clients. Not to toot Houzz’s horn, but this is a great showcase for imagery and details of projects for any home! I already spoke with their VP of Marketing and suggested a commercial space for engineering firms, real estate, etc. Oh the possibilities! I digress, in essence a homeowner can lightbox all images in one spot for all details they want for their project! Oh…honey, those cabinets, that color, lighting fixtures, style, chalkboards, windows, arches and architecture! YES!

Typically, they listen to my marketing expertise, if you will. Sometimes, I push. Sometimes I do it anyway to show them that any type of effort yields results. Building traction and organic search engine results is always a goal. And, I give results that can be a huge return on their investment.

Recently, I was provided a happy result. Perhaps 4 hours a month of my marketing hours, content writing, image taking etc., provided my client 3 large kitchen renovation jobs within 2 months. Now I must say, the quality and caliber of Chester County Kitchen & Bath’s expertise is borderline perfect; so, my pictures of past jobs and details on each job posted, really spoke for themselves. However, if they didn’t have a presence on Houzz, would it have been a missed opportunity? Perhaps.

I spent a few minutes interviewing the clients who found the projects on Houzz and in a nutshell: “I loved the photos. They were warm and inviting. You showed details of cabinets, drawers and optimal space use. Customer testimonials on the project, the team, and details were all fantastic. And they were local.” So, I am glad that I had the conversations with the contractor, “Please, move your tools off the gorgeous granite. And, I can see you in the bathroom mirror. And, can you open the spice rack drawer or give me a close up of the Miele appliance that cost a small fortune?” Additionally, very glad that I implemented a campaign to thank and provide and incentive for customers to give their feedback!

All this to say, the low hanging fruit is the sweetest. Houzz is free to any business. A free platform to post photos and market any company or project for the home. From my landscape and architectural design clients to interior designers and kitchen and bath remodelers, it is a great platform. Yes, Houzz now offers a paid advertising platform but if you are a small business owner, start small and see how it grows first. Did I mention that we got those $70K+ jobs before they paid for advertising? Silly, Kim, I forgot to mention that. A few hours a month in marketing dollars could earn you, well, a month or two of an employee’s salary. Just saying!

If you are interested in how Pip Squeeze Creative can help grow your business very easily and simply on Houzz, reach out.

Houzz Chester County Kitchen & Bath

Houzz Chester County Kitchen & Bath

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