When is the right time to be thankful?

When is the right time to be thankful? It is a question that most ask around Thanksgiving because it is a time to be thankful. As I write this, I know that I am thankful everyday for the joys, accomplishments, missteps and milestones in my life and career. Why wait for a holiday to say you are thankful? It is like buying flowers just on Valentine’s Day or calling your grand mom just on her birthday. Be thankful for your blessings everyday. All day. It will bring a smile more often than you realize.

Thankful for my customers. I am thankful for the confidence they have placed in my business, Pip Squeeze Creative and in me! To gain the trust of a customer is a great accomplishment. To deliver on that trust is even more significant, and we work daily, acknowledging this powerful responsibility. So thank you- awesome restaurateurs, kitchen remodeling experts, yoga ass-kickers, janitorial suppliers and toilet paper deliverers, high above the beach banner fliers, stone masters, jewelers that make me dream, business starters and fire put-er-outters, engineering hard hitters, wily fox hunters, little bows atop girls heads, awesomest vintage furniture and object collector, and all of my amazing and brilliant customers. Read more